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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Flex?
It is commonly known as Flexible Compensation, where you can elect to reduce your taxes and thus increase your monthly spendable income.

Q2: Do I have to sign up for this program?
Only if you want to reduce your taxes and increase your “spendable” income.  It’s your choice … otherwise you must sign the declination.

Q3: Is this plan only for those people covered on the medical insurance?
No.  You are offered this program as the employee … even if you and/or your tax dependents are covered under another policy.

Q4: Can I use this account to pay off old balances?
NO.  The date of service must have been incurred during the established Plan Year.

Q5: Can I use this Plan to pay for expenses that my elderly mother incurs?
Maybe.  This Plan is for those individuals that are claimed on your Federal Income Tax Return.

Q6: What if I have been under a doctor’s care prior to this plan?
This plan only looks at the date that the medical service was incurred. Pre-existing is not an issue.

Q7: My son had braces put on last October and we pay $90.00 per month to the dentist, can I claim any of this?
Yes.  This is the only expense that can be claimed year by year.  Only consider the amount you will pay during this upcoming plan year, then next year, consider that twelve month period, and so on.

Q8: My wife is expecting a child in June. We have to pay the baby’s deductible ahead of time, can I claim this?
You can, but ONLY when the baby’s deductible has been met.  The date of delivery is the date of service.


Q9: I’m in a PPO and I only pay $10.00 per visit, and my prescriptions are only $15.00.  Can I claim this amount?
YES!  This is YOUR out-of pocket expense.

Q10: I wear contacts and insurance considers this “elective”. Can I claim this?
Yes. The contacts and solutions are considered Vision Expenses.  Keep the detailed register receipt for the back-up.

Q11: Can “over-the-counter” medications be covered under this plan?
If your Plan allows, maybe. Beginning 1/1/2011, OTC drugs, medicine and biologicals will no longer be eligible without a doctors prescription. Please refer to your Summary Plan Description for details.

Q12: This plan looks too easy … what’s the catch?
The plan is easy IF you can estimate how much you are going to spend during the “plan year”.

Q13: Will excess monies be refunded to me?
NO. Be conservative. You will receive a statement of your account during the last 2 months of the plan year showing your activity. Check your balance 24 hours a day at If you don’t use the money, you lose it.

Q14: Do I have to sign up for all the benefits?
No … That’s why it’s called the “Flex” plan! You choose what’s best for YOU and your family!

Q15: If I sign up now, can I change my amount later, if I need to?
Not unless you have a “change in family status” … birth, death, adoption, marriage, divorce, etc.


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